Short Moments, Many Times - Retreat in Muskoka Dec 7-9, 2018 with Frank Berliner

Retreat in the heart of Muskoka this Winter. Join Colorado-based meditation teacher, Frank Berliner for Short Moments, Many Times: Tasting the Essence of Meditation this December 7-9, 2018.

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Short Moments, Many Times

Tasting the Essence of Meditation 
with Frank Berliner

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This instruction provides a powerful and practical ground for intensive guided sessions in the practices of mindfulness, awareness, penetrating insight, and compassion. Above all, it can give us unshakeable confidence that the Natural State is present in our spiritual journey from the very beginning.

Greetings Everyone, 

I am writing to you with very exciting news about the upcoming Frank Berliner retreat in Muskoka, Ontario this Winter. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite. Be sure to select both your Program and Accommodations ticket to secure your spot. Registration closes October 21. 

Warmly,  Simone Moir

In an old parable, as God and the Devil walk together, God points to an object shining like a diamond by the roadside. ‘There’s the Truth,’ God remarks. To which the Devil replies, ‘Fantastic! Let’s organize it!'

It’s helpful at times like these to remember that the living truth of the Dharma is not ultimately dependent upon the organizations through which it is communicated to people.

To the contrary,  the organization may eventually become the greatest barrier to that communication. The unending freshness of the Dharma is always available to each of us personally—unencumbered by hierarchies and intermediaries— if we have the faith, longing, and exertion to discover it for ourselves. – Frank Berliner

Retreat Details

Nested within 50 acres of forest, meadow, stream, and stone, the retreat will take place at Rousseau Sanctuary an eco-conscious community initiative. 

The homestead log cabin at Rousseau Sanctuary has a ceremonial room with window views over the meadow. Here our meditation sessions and dharma talks will take place. There is a cozy lounge area, dining area with a large table for our meals, kitchen, two washrooms and one shower/bath. The cabin is heated by multiple wood stoves to keep us warm. 

Plan to arrive at Rousseau Sanctuary in Muskoka Friday, December 7 between 9:00am-12:00pm for check-in. A relaxed lunch will be served from 11:00am-12:30pm. The program will start promptly at 1:00pm that day. The program will close Sunday, December 9 at 4:00 pm. 


Our onsite chef has created a menu with health, nutrition and flavourful food in mind. She uses organic and fair-trade ingredients. 


Upstairs there are two Dorm Rooms. 

Dorm 1: offers 8 single beds.
Dorm 2: offers 2 double beds for those wanting to share with someone else.

There are 2 Winterized Cedar Bunkies available very close to the main house.

Bunkie 1: privacy for one couple in a double bed

Bunkie 2: privacy for one single person or two singles who want to share. 

The photo shown here was taken before the Bunkie had been furnished. Washroom facilities are located in the main lodge. 

Additionally, for those who are limber and/or want to keep it cheap, there are mats available for Floor Sleeping. Up to 6 people can be accommodated this way. Be prepared to rise early as these spaces are offered within common areas. 

Note: We can accommodate up to 20-22 people on site.

You are also welcome to find your own Off-Site Lodgings at a local B&B in the Rousseau area and come in for the program and meals only. You may want to search Airbnb options also. 

You are responsible for your own travel arrangements. Contact Simone at if you have space in your car or need a lift and I’ll do my best to help you out. 

If you are a driver with space in your car or if you are in need of a lift please consider using this free online tool to organize rides:

You need to set up your own profile. I set up a profile and made a request for a ride to Rousseau for this Retreat. You can search for my ride request once you set up your own profile. Use 1454 Hekkla Road, Rousseau ON as the destination address.