Non-residential meditation retreat

An opportunity to deepen your practice without having to leave the city. 


Where: Grant's house (near Brock Ave and Dundas St., Toronto)

When: Friday evening 7-9pm, Saturday 9-12pm (lunch) 1:30pm- 4:15pm, Sunday 9-12pm (lunch) 1:30pm - 2:30pm
What: The retreat will consist of 40 minute sits separated by 20 minute periods walking meditation either inside or outside, with a talk by Grant on Saturday afternoon.

Bring lunch; alternatively, there are plenty of places on Dundas or Queen to buy lunch.
Zafus (meditation cushions), benches, and zabutons will be provided or bring your own.


$108 + HST Early Bird rate until June 1st

$130 + HST after June 1st 

Contact: Grant Hutchinson <>