APRIL 5-7 With Grant Hutchinson & Rose Riccio

We sit to settle the self on the self and let the flower of our life force bloom.
— Dainin Katagiri Roshi

Take the time during this weekend retreat to slow down and allow the self to settle. Surrounded by acres of meadows and forests in a charming, off grid centre, we can step into quietude, community and the natural world. In a supportive environment with sitting and walking meditation, along with periods of reflection and rest we begin to appreciate the continuous blooming of our moment to moment experience.


This is an opportunity to quiet mind and body and reset your nervous system in nature and in community. The retreat will begin Friday April 5th with dinner and finish after lunch on Sunday April 7th.

To register or for more information, please contact Grant Hutchinson or  Rose Riccio

The total retreat cost is:

$360 + HST until January 31st

$385 + HST from February 1st until the retreat

Financial assistance is also available.

Please complete the following questions and send them by email to
grantgrant.hutchinson@gmail.com or rose.riccio@gmail.com.

1. Please provide emergency contact info.
2. Do you have any dietary restrictions?
3. Rooms are shared so please let us know if you snore!
4. Do you have any psychological or psychiatric conditions currently
that might affect your experience of the retreat?

Please note our cancellation policy:
If you need to cancel your booking before March 5th, there will be an
administration fee of $20. If you need to cancel March 5th or after,
we will be unable to refund the cost of the retreat.

Harmony Dawn is nestled into the picturesque, rolling Northumberland
Hills, surrounded by 50 pristine, acres of meadows and forests without
any noise or electrical buzz, since it is completely self-sufficient
and off the power grid.