In the last few years, rigid approaches to yoga practices have been replaced by a more exploratory approach to movement and evidence-based understandings of how the body heals, strengthens, and stretches. Following his annual 5-day intensive format, Michael has joined with Kathryn Bruni Young to offer a re-exploration of yoga (movement, breathing, psychology, philosophy) starting from the ground up.

Over the past year, Michael Stone and Kathryn Bruni-Young have sparked a friendship over their mutual desire to expand what they know of the body, mind, and the practice of yoga. They have been exploring:

  • Integrating evidence-based movement patterns into yoga practice
  • Going deeper in understanding the role of breathing in both calming and strengthening
  • Creating strength in areas of the body that get over-stretched
  • How to discover more dynamic ranges of movement than "traditional" yoga sequences allow without losing the integrity of familiar practices

This approach to practice is also something Michael is bringing to the way meditation and yoga philosophy are being offered. In this workshop, he will break down ways of practicing, understanding, and communicating the key teachings of yoga and how they apply to daily life.

This five day workshop will combine: asana, pranayama, functional physiology, and strength work. Kathryn will be teaching yoga and movement possibilities in the morning with Michael completing each morning with inversions, closing postures and pranayama. Michael will begin the afternoons with meditation instruction, followed by lectures on contemporary ways of understanding and practicing (and articulating) yoga philosophy using the language of psychology, and then Kathryn will lead a restorative yoga practice to end the day.

And all of this great material will be shared in the context of community and discussion.

This course is open to students of all backgrounds. Teachers looking for new forms of inspiration and clear methods for communicating alignment and mindfulness in their classes are encouraged to join.


$680 + HST *

*Payment plans and limited sliding scale spaces available. Email for details.


March 16 - 20, 2015


Hart House, University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario